Love Minus Zero = No Limit

Love Minus Zero = No Limit
An exhibition of new Artworks by Zoltan Koteczky

Opening Wednesday 27th Nov 6-8pm

Mathematics is artistic excellence, sublimely pure and gives a absolute perfection which is characteristic of all great art” Bertrand Russell.

Dense with narrative meaning Koteczky’s work has emerged late in his career after a long, rich and often tumultuous life journey. 

Ashley Frost, Klimek & Wijay Lawyers.


Zoltan Koteczky has been involved and produced Theatre Productions
and Events in every major centre in Australia as well as producing major
events at the Sydney Olympics.
Zoltan has also produced shows in Europe, namely Berlin ,Hamburg, Vienna and Verona.
He has also lectured at various educational institutions including NIDA.
For the last few years he has been producing and marketing
various Arts Events in Sydney and Melbourne including producing an
exhibition of the Artworks of Bob Dylan.

At the same time Zoltan has quietly worked on his own artistic
pursuits and this current series explores the universe and the answer
to life in mathematical formulae. Recently Zoltan was in the The Balmain Art Show and the series of works sold out.

For me the use of symbols comes from the fact that I couldn’t
communicate in English when I arrived in Australia as a child. Then
from my teenage years onwards i travelled and worked behind the Iron
Curtain to all the Eastern European Countries where I didn’t speak
all the languages and still had to communicate. Anyway words can lie.
Numbers don’t.
” Zoltan Koteczky.

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