Ashley Frost, Daren Mitchelson and Tanya Stubbles at the Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong

Global Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition of Ashley Frost, Daren Mitchelson and Dr John Cooper at the Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong, 21 – 23 March 2014

ASHLEY FROST is represented in Australia by Stella Downer Fine Art. His recent urban and cityscape works, in both oil on board and mixed media on paper, evoke the diversity, colour and convergence of urban elements around Sydney; the curious and vibrant places, where the city’s periphery converges with the inner suburbs; at the anomalous moment where day ends and night begins. These works have developed from landscape works centered on the cities of New York, Beijing and Brasilia where the artist has been conducting research and exhibiting his work.
Frost has had three solo shows in New York (2000, 2002 and 2004) and solo exhibitions in Sydney since 1997, with his most recent show, Urban Patinas in 2012. Frost was also represented in the 2012 Melbourne Art Fair.

TANYA STUBBLES describes herself as a social landscape painter. Her goal is to explore the Australian identity, it’s stories and pastimes. She seeks to create iconic images, which weave together stories of the land, its people and history. Through the use of nostalgic and sentimental elements sourced from all over Australia, Stubble’s creates works which speak to the people of their experiences. Construction offers a opening to access the subconscious through materials which in turn trigger the memories of childhood experiences and pastimes. Stubble’s explore both rural and industrial landscapes and defines herself as working in abstraction of the landscape. Her use of materials and the interpretations of the places are always constructed through a highly intuitive process.

In 2008 Stubbles returned to her rural roots, completing a residency at Bundanon. Stubbles was also chosen as a finalist in the prestigious Wynne prize at the AGNSW. Since commencing work in 2006 she has exhibited in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Alice Springs and China.

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