Ashlee Bucholtz – The Underpinning

This is where the smaller fractured, figurative paintings play their part; you now see what was left unsaid. The expressive mark-making consistently appears across the works to tie the paintings together. The history of the mark left behind tells the story.

“The things that underpin the human are what really fascinate me, for a veneer becomes deceptively pleasant. The unknown of an individual intrigues me. It is compelling, the things people carry that cannot be seen; this could be psychological, emotional, or something physical that is simply hidden beneath the surface.”

Ashlee Bucholtz, winner of the Carol Duval Memorial Painting Prize, at 26 years of age, is in her third year at Newcastle Hunter TAFE, studying an Advanced Diploma in Visual Arts. Majoring in painting and photography, her passion for art comes from within. Much of Ashlee’s work illuminates her very own individual experiences. The solvent-free painter works across a large range of mediums including drawing in conte and charcoal and painting in oil paints and inks.

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